I live in Sydney and my interest in photography started in high school with a Kodak Box camera which was soon replaced by a Kodak Retina 35mm camera. I purchased my first SLR a Pentax Spotmatic in 1966 having a requirement for quick lens changes the Pentax was replaced with a Nikon F and several Nikor prime lenses, a kit I still own.

 The Nikon along with a Mamyia TLR were used for freelance motor sport photography from the late 1960's into the 1970's, clients were Australian motoring publications and private collectors.

I work with 35mm, medium format or large format cameras depending on the subject. 

I always had an  interest in making Fine Art Monochrome photographs, to pursue that interest I took early retirement in 2001 after a 33 year teaching career with the NSW Department of Technical & Further Education.

In 2002 I designed and built a new darkroom/workshop specifically for printing and mounting silver gelatin fibre prints.

All films are exposed and processed using the Zone System popularised by "Ansel Adams" in order to capture the pre-visualised image.

A lot of my work concentrates on fragments rather than the bigger picture. I am drawn to subject matter that is often well beyond it's "use by date" but is in that magical period between what's considered old with character and eventual decay. 

In 2013 I converted a double car garage into a space large enough to display up to 30 framed photographs in a gallery setting. The main purpose of the gallery is to give my photographs a voice which can be shared with friends and those interested in traditional hand crafted monochrome photographs.