All photographs are hand crafted using traditional darkroom techniques and printed on silver gelatin fibre paper, prints are toned in selenium or a combination of selenium and sepia for archival and aesthetic appeal.

Prints are dry mounted for perfect flatness and over matted ready for framing. White archival board is used for mount and mat and hinged with linen tape. Prints are mounted using Western placement so images look centrally placed within the mat window.

Picture framing is a very personal however my preference is a 7.0 mm (1/4") narrow edged mat black frame which tends to place more emphasis on the photograph than the frame.

Printing and mounting is done using some of the finest equipment and quality materials available.

  • Durst L900 Enlarger with Multigrade Head.
  • LPL 7452L Enlarger.
  • Leitz V-35 Enlarger.
  • Seal 210M Dry Mounting Press.
  • Keencut Ultimate Gold Mat Cutter.
  • Crescent Mat Boards.
  • Seal Mounting Tissue.
  • Kodak films and Chemicals.
  • Ilford Photographic Films, Papers and Chemicals.
  • Foma Photographic Papers.

Photographs are printed on 27.9 x 35.6cm (11"x14") silver gelatin paper and cropped to 25.4 x 25.4cm (10"x10") or 25.4 x 30.0cm (10"x13") depending on negative format and asthetics.

Photos are matted and mounted on 40.6 43.2cm (16"x17") board for square images or 40.6 x 43.2cm (16"x20") for rectangular images.

Please use the contact page if you are interested in purchasing any of the photographs.